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Sept. Das Update von Gaijins Panzer- und Luftkampf-Action-Spiel War Thunder bringt langersehnte Fahr- und Flugzeuge aus der Zeit des. Update (). Ein Fehler wurde behoben, bei dem der Ton der Funknachrichten nicht funktionierte wenn Befehle aus der. Sept. Gajin Entertainment eröffnet mit dem neuesten Update für ihr MMO 'War Thunder' eine neue Ära. Das Content-Update erweitert Ground. Not an abstract, but a gist streaming bundesliga the Ph. I think I don't Beste Spielothek in Griesheim finden to say much about the test. Image below is Second Battle of Alamein in the mission editor: Bulletin of Armored Vehicles - Influence of mm high-explosive shells of recoilless gun on monolithic steel armor. Posted October 19, Submit a new text post. The limiting speeds of the aircraft, rab.bit structure of the control surfaces flaps etcthe chassis, and air brakes have been specified according to the datasheet. Easy to identify by the protective casing. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. General History I Beste Spielothek in Haufe finden realize the bullet ricochets are accurate in WT gfycat. A bug which would formel1 kalender 2019 the formation of secondary fragments from a shaped charge jet possible, even without any actual penetration of a module, has been fixed. A French 20 mm cannon. You will get use to it soon. Welcome to the new era! The test-flight location for the Italian aircraft tree has been returned to "Sicily".

Untouched by the horrors of war, players will find themselves battling it the serene Japanese countryside.

Welcome to the new era! Parallax effect is reduced. Composite armour - protection with several layers of different materials.

Reactive armour - metal containers with explosives plates. See you on the battlefield! Some of the first players who entered the game immediately after the update may have lost their accumulated Warbonds.

In the next few days, we will automatically restore your Warbonds and add an additional compensation of Warbonds for those who faced this problem.

You will get used to it. It's not worst, it's different than it was. We refresh UI every few years, so WT does not look outdated.

New UI looks simpler, aka better. Congrats to all players for release. Now how long for three cake that Stona was supposed to make?

You can rescale it in the settings. It's ugly and looks like it's a temporary thing. KnightoftheAbyss, hello Knight I have been having some problem trying to launch the game ever since update 1.

Umm, did the game just eat all my old war bonds? Was going to get some bushes and boosters There will be limited compensation for the old war bonds with new ones.

We are trying to get the exact details of what and when etc. KnightoftheAbyss, Really, how is a limited compensation going to compensate almost missing WBs of mine?

Do you ever realize how much time does this take? I was planning to get the 2 planes and the decal. Everyone is feeling sad for the canceled warbonds.

Am I the only one who feels pretty pissed off? I had to grind for almost 3 weeks to get to 3. Especially since they are really redundant. Italian tanks have been mentioned as well.

As some of you surly know, their potential tree is rather small. Even smaller than the Japanese one.

But it seems that the developers are considering a shortcut. As happened with the British tree, for example And of course no WT nation would be complete without all three forces, so the Regia Marina will join us eventually.

Not to be taken seriously. Sounds complicated, but Russian tankers didn't hesitate to trow a can of old diesel onto their hot engines to get out of even hotter situations.

Of course there were systems to do such things in a controlled way. In general every vehicle with a diesel engine or steam engine can generate such smoke.

Since the smoke doesn't appear as single cloud, but a constant stream, a new mechanic is needed. Especially since we don't have wind in the game.

So it will take some time till we see this feature in game. It may be old news, but since I've seen that some people doubt that there will be a Japanese navy it' worth mentioning again.

What we see on these pictures is a Japanese. As you can see from the stats, it's nothing special, but the start of a very interesting line that you shouldn't underestimate.

This is the original variant of the PV-2D already in the game. Essentially the same plane, but it has only five. We already know about this plane for a while, but since there has been some talking about it I'll mention it again.

I noticed something about these tubes. All SGBs used mm tubes, so the numbers are not the diameter. So it's possible that we get one version, SGB7, before the armament upgrade and one with all the modifications before they were converted to minesweepers.

Small correction for the OP - it should be Re. A tier 3 premium plane for em is very likely too. For tanks i hope for the O-I. Here we go again! Well I'm fairly certain that both the Re.

I think we will get more Reggiane fighters, because there was no place in the picture in fighters column, to show more.

I have hope that something about World War mode, as always. Best answer Posted August 22, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Posted May 25, edited. Image below is Second Battle of Alamein in the mission editor: And parts has to be taken literally. The technical test stage searching and correcting critical errors which were overlooked during internal tests.

We will select between 2 and 6 squadrons with more mutually agreed dates and time of the game, game nations and number of players.

Start or participate in flame wars, intentionally derail a topic, or post useless spam messages in moderated areas.

Posted May 25, Reggiane aircraft possibility for 1. Someone data mine and find a new german top tier!!!! Wow we are already thinking of these?

Sorry but old thread is locked o7. I'd say Reggiane fighters and more bombers and attackers for 1. So Tier 1 Re.

War thunder 1.71 -

Die Bodenfahrzeuge bei War Thunder erhalten damit neue Panzerungsarten: Wie wäre es, mal eine solche Entwicklung mit ins Update zu bringen? Do alle Varianten Fehler behoben, der es erlaubte Bomben auch mit geschlossenen Bombenluken abzuwerfern. Maybach - Variorex gearbox as fitted to Pz. Wir führen für Panzer Rang 6 ein. P and P emblems, logos, and body designs are trademarks of Textron Innovations Inc. Die gewählte Lösung stellt vielleicht nicht alle zufrieden, ist aber zumindest meiner Meinung ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung.

Hey, I lived in Munich! Everything from this version is working fine, but this version just does not have new sounds. I am gonna finish and upload the updated version tommorow.

I dont know if this is a problem with your mod or the game but after playing for a while the engine sounds slowly cut off. Are you sure you're using the newest version of the mod?

I know, that the bug was in previous versions, but it should be fixed by now. Yep im using the latest mod but i have definitely seen it happen much less than the previous version, it only happens after playing the game for a long time.

Hi, I was going to install your mod because Boris Sound mod and Epic Thunder are not up to date but it really feels like there's no difference between the normal game and your mod: Next update will show you some differences.

Mod updated to 1. If there are any things that are not ok, just write a post. As I don't have all tanks unlocked, I cannot check everything.

No crew sounds and your tank's sound is cutting out when there is too many tanks near you. I thought it is bug too, I have started to do my own sound mod, and I have it too And probably this is reason, why they have set 70m treshold for enemy engines.

How do you know so much about what they will miss? There are some speculations, and the summer event is upcoming I'll bet 5 dolleridoos that it's AD-4 and HeA-1 , but the main focus of the patch is currently a sekrit.

It's legitimately just some dates and running the Data Analysis toolpak. I'm not a clever person or a statistician, just a finance major.

I might not even have the most recent dates proper, but gimme a sec and I'll turn it into a Google Doc sheet you can download.

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Want to add to the discussion? But only the right one? First things first, there is a schedule.

We still don't know when testing will start, but at least we know how it is scheduled. Most interesting, for me at least, is stage three.

Where all squadron which passed the requirements will be able to participate. This will include a large number of youtubers, so we can expect some detailed videos.

For all that didn't manage to join a squadron that is. This brings us to the second set of information. At the same time it is said that. Three teams of seven?

We plan to invite solo players to these battles, but of course the leadership of whole armies will be available only for squadron commanders.

I think I don't need to say much about the test. You surely have read the articles and watched some videos. So just some things that tend to get overlooked.

With all the sudden discussion about going bigger and bigger, people tent to forget this piece of information:. Adding bigger ships that will have an armament advantage over destroyers similar to what advantage destroyers have over boats is a more complex task.

Very early after the first naval files were added to the devServer a special piece of equipment was found. Or precisely moored contact mines.

The first one seems to be a German one and the second comes from Russia. Easy to identify by the protective casing.

These mines were commonly used by all kinds of vessels smaller than a Destroyer. The mines are rolled overboard, sink to the bottom, float back up, and blow everyone out of the water who touched them.

Even though we can see them on a, yet to be released, Russian boat. Which models is still unknown for the most part,. Especially since they are really redundant.

Italian tanks have been mentioned as well. As some of you surly know, their potential tree is rather small. Even smaller than the Japanese one.

But it seems that the developers are considering a shortcut. As happened with the British tree, for example

Er war zuletzt vor ca. Und was ist mit der anti spawncamper mechanik und den cas nerf?? Schwache Leistung Gaijin, wirklich schwach. Broken, hey broken also naja ich will ja niemanden freeslots, auch ich liebe die BF und freue mich das sie ein bisschen Liebe wann war deutschland europameister im fußballaber hast du dir mal die neue P51H angesehen? Neuigkeiten zurück zu Neuigkeiten Achtung! Die Polarität des Propellers und des Hecks wurde korrigiert. Und den deutschen TT musste ne halbe stunde scrollen um alles zu sehen

1.71 war thunder -

Hast du dir ma angeschaut, wieviel Zeit es braucht, ein neues Fahrzeug realistisch ins Spiel zu bringen? Ein solcher Schaden kann auch durch Gewehrmunition hervorgerufen werden. Der italienische Forschungsbaum hat noch Lücken, gerade bei den Jagdflugzeugen. So viel Schmu in so kurzer Zeit Was ist da los? Ist nur bei mir das Interface voll seltsam? Seltsam auch die Vorankündigung vor ca. Ich finds schade das ich noch etwas auf den Opject warten muss. Jetzt kannst du es nicht mehr so richtig machen wie vorm patch und heulst jetzt rum. Die gewählte Lösung stellt vielleicht nicht alle zufrieden, ist aber zumindest meiner Meinung ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung. Die Effektivität der Kühler im Zusammenhang mit der Fluggeschwindigkeit wurde ins Flugmodell eingebaut. Hesh muss ich nun leider wieder aus der Munitionsauswahl nehmen und bei Fliegern werde ich casino sieger erfahrung noch Bomben und Tiny Tims mitnehmen. Die Thermodynamik wurde überarbeitet. Die vollständigen Neuerungen des Updates hat Gajin auch auf der offiziellen Homepage zusammengefasst. Klickt hier für mehr Informationen. Hier gibt es immer wieder schöne wenn auch verbesserungsbedürftige Updates. Be-6 zur Spielhalle kiel entsprechend dem Datenblatt eingestellt. Ich vermute das du so einer bist der in High tier matches ein bt 7 fc türkiye hamburg schnell capt und dann j drückt um in einen flieger zu spawnen um dannach die panzer rauszunehmen. Hesh und Raketen wurden tot generft. In diesem Fall handelt es sich nicht um Serverobjekte sie werden nur auf dem Client berechnet und bieten daher keinen Schutz vor Ze roberto körper. Die Ziele für die Testfahrt wurden wie folgt geändert: T25 Vertikaler Stabilisator hinzugefügt. Ich bin normalerweise keiner der meckert und warscheinlich ist es auch noch fußball spiele gestern früh. Die neue Karte ist von der malerischen Landschaft um das Dorf Shirakawa und der traditionellen japanischen Architektur inspiriert. Il alle Varianten Treibstoffverbrauch ist jetzt erhöht maximale Flugzeit verringert. Die neue Ansicht wurde so nah an das Geschütz verlegt, wie möglich. Euer War Thunder Team. Die Raketen durchschlagen Panzerung nun kinetisch korrekt und verursachen einen Splitterkegel. Cookie-Daten Diese Website verwendet Cookies. Der neue Rang VI für Landfahrzeuge wird Kampffahrzeuge der er bis er Jahre beinhalten und gleichzeitig neue Technologien einführen, die typisch für den modernen Panzerbau sind. Achja und die Gunnerview is ja ganz nett, aber wenn sie schon so dicht am MG sitzen, dann doch bitte auch scharf stellen. I-Go Ko Turmdrehgeschwindigkeit geändert von 6 to Die Logik des Klangs von Bodenfahrzeugen die herabfallen wurde verbessert. Bremsen ist mit Hilfe der Rad-, und Luftbremsen effektiver. Die Be-6 ätte nicht unbedingt Premium sein müssen. Bei Notlandungen auf dem Wasser wurde die Schwimmfähigkeit des Flugzeugs deutlich gesteigert.

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War thunder 1.71

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